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What Types of Laser Eye Surgery Are There?

What Types of Laser Eye Surgery Are There?

Most laser eye surgery and vision correction procedures work in a very similar way: by reshaping the cornea in order to correct any aberrations that have developed. The biggest difference between the types of lasers comes from the type of equipment used to perform the procedure. When you are researching if a provider is able to give you the best possible procedure for your vision needs it’s important to understand the technology that they have available, as this will dramatically impact how much they are able to help you.

Wavefront LASIK is some of the newest technology available for eye doctors and uses sophisticated technology to provide the most precise laser vision correction for each patient. Wavefront technology measures your optical system and any abnormalities in minute detail. This allows your Newark LASIK surgeon to make more subtle corrections with the highest level of accuracy and achieve better results than ever before.

Conditions Treated with Custom LASIK in Newark

Wavefront LASIK from our ophthalmologist can correct or improve vision problems including:

•    Nearsightedness, including severe nearsightedness or high myopia.
•    Farsightedness.
•    Astigmatism.
•    Peripheral vision problems.
•    Reduction of higher-order aberrations, which include night vision problems, blurred vision, double vision and/or halos. (These aberrations may happen naturally from disease or trauma, or could be due to prior laser eye surgery procedures.)

Types of LASIK

•    Wavefront-guided LASIK is a truly customized vision correction procedure. It measures, scans and maps the path of light waves entering the eye toward the retina. This map is unique, showing your eye’s specific anatomic details and guiding custom vision correction to fit your needs, while minimizing the possibility of night vision problems or halos.

•    Wavefront-optimized LASIK precisely measures your corneal curve to preserve its natural shape, decreasing the chance of spherical aberrations that cause night vision issues, such as blurriness and halos.

•    Topo-guided LASIK programs the laser ablation instrument according to detailed corneal maps to correct scars or other abnormalities on the cornea and correct your vision. Topographical LASIK is not wavefront LASIK, but is still more personalized than standard LASIK methods.
Our eye doctors will take the time to discuss your specific vision needs with you and how these new technologies may allow you to see clearer than ever before without the need for glasses.

Benefits of Wavefront LASIK

Preciseness, customization, and ability to correct or reduce higher order visual problems and small, subtle corneal distortions, are major benefits of Wavefront technology.

How Wavefront Works for Personalized LASIK Eye Surgery

Our VISX® CustomVue WavePrint™ system serves as both a diagnostic tool and surgical instrument, which our Newark ophthalmologist first uses to create a detailed blueprint of your cornea (your eye’s natural lens). After scanning your unique corneal shape (by mapping light paths to the retina), our eye doctor refers to the detailed map and performs completely custom vision correction, tailored to your specific vision correction needs.

Recovery After Wavefront LASIK

Your eyes improve and begin to heal immediately after LASIK. However, you may have some blurring or vision changes for weeks to months afterward. Our eye doctor will monitor your eyes with follow-up visits as the vision correction stabilizes.

Get Customized Wavefront LASIK in the Wilmington Area

Our eye doctors offer advanced optometry, ophthalmology, and customized options for LASIK laser eye surgery, including Wavefront LASIK. As the FDA points out, although advanced technology can achieve great things, the expertise of your ophthalmologist is still the key factor for successful LASIK vision correction. Contact Lavenburg Medical Group, located in Elkton MD and Newark DE, to learn more. Call us at 844-415-7000 today.