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LASIK Special: Only $2,995 for Both Eyes

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What is LVC?

The specialists at DelMar Surgical and Cosmetic Treatment Center offer LVC in Wilmington, Newark and surrounding areas of Delaware and Maryland.

You may have heard the abbreviation LVC from friends or family and not known what it stood for. Well, LVC stands for Laser Vision Correction.

The most common form of laser vision correction in Wilmington and Newark is LASIK (please refer to our LASIK page for more information). Refractive Surgery differs from LVC when using other techniques rather than lasers to correct refractive errors. The most common types of modern refractive surgery outside the realm of LVC are now involving lens implant procedures. These procedures are known as clear lens extraction.

If you are seeking LASIK, please call our practice to schedule your FREE comprehensive evaluation. Our surgeons are professional LASIK doctors with experience in performing LASIK eye surgery in Delaware and Maryland. Please view our Facebook page for specials and more information about the DelMar Surgical and Cosmetic Treatment Center.