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Contact Lens Examinations

The eye care specialists at the Lavenburg Medical Group offer Contact Lens Examinations in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware; Elkton and North East, Maryland and surrounding areas in Delaware, Maryland and southeast Pennsylvania.

What Does a Contact Lens Evaluation in Entail?

A contact lens exam includes:

  • The fitting of contacts lenses
  • Insertion and removal training of contacts
  • Corneal health evaluation

During this exam keratometry and possible topography or corneal mapping is performed to determine the exact corneal measurements to assist the doctor in choosing the best lens for the patient. Patients that are fit into a different brand of contacts are required to have a one week follow-up appointment to ensure the best fitting lens.

If you are seeking a contact lens evaluation, please call our practice today. In many cases your medical insurance or vision insurance plan will pay for the examination. Our doctors are professional eye care specialist with experience in contact lens evaluations in Delaware and Maryland. Please view our Facebook page for promotions and more information about the Lavenburg Medical Group and the DelMar Surgical and Cosmetic Treatment Center.