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Glasses and Custom Frames

For centuries, glasses have been the standard in vision correction and protection, and they remain a popular optometric treatment today. Here at Lavenburg Medical Group, our ophthalmologist and therapeutic optometrists provide thorough eye examinations that pinpoint sight deficiencies in our patients. We aim to find the exact glasses prescription that will compensate for refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. We ensure that every patient gets the glasses they need.

When you trust your eyesight to Lavenburg Medical Group, you will receive an eye exam designed to measure visual acuity and evaluate your overall ocular health. We will begin by asking about any current problems you may be having and your personal health history. You will then progress through a series of tests, including a refraction, where you will be asked to read letters from a chart through various lenses to determine your eyeglass prescription. Finally, you will be given drops that will allow your eyecare provider a view of the inside of the eye to ensure that your eyes are healthy. 

Most eye exams take no more than 45 to 60 minutes, yet they provide the eye doctor with detailed insight into your personal eye health and corrective eyeglass needs. By the end of an exam, we can diagnose vision problems and in some cases, detect other underlying health conditions.

Eye Glass Fitting and Frames

At Lavenburg Medical Group, we make it convenient for our patients to have a comprehensive eye exam and find frames all in one simple location. We employ a team of highly qualified opticians who can help you find the eyewear that is right for you. We will assist you through the fitting process to ensure your frames are comfortable and well-fit to compliment your face.

You will find a wide selection of options of frames for men, women and children. We carry the latest in fashionable eyewear that allow you to correct your vision without sacrificing style or aesthetics. With such a large selection of frames, including designer frames, there is no doubt you will find the color and design right for your face shape and preferences. Our helpful opticians will assist you in selecting stylish eyewear that meets your needs and budget.

We know our patients wear glasses for more reasons than just vision correction. That is why we offer frames and lenses with many different features to fit your lifestyle. Be sure to talk to our opticians about durable frames and the newest technology in lenses – especially for children and individuals with physically-demanding lifestyles. We can also provide glasses with built-in sun protection, as well as prescription safety glasses for adults and children for use during high-impact sports.

For more information about the glasses exam, frames and fitting process at Lavenburg Medical Group, please contact our office today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule an appointment at your convenience.