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Eye Exam FAQ

Many of us take eye health for granted. If our vision seems fine, we're sometimes inclined to put off regular eye examinations. That's not the smart approach. Eye exams can diagnose serious problems that may not yet show symptoms. Finding a Newark optometrist or Elkton optometrist to provide these routine eye exams can help keep your eyes in good working order.

Let's examine some basic questions about routine eye exams.

When and why should I seek an eye exam?

Eye exams are a critical part of overall eye health. An exam is in order anytime you're experiencing blurry vision, headaches, floating spots, or difficulty in reading or seeing objects. The effects of eye problems such as cataracts or glaucoma may come on gradually, and these conditions may seriously impair your vision. An eye exam allows our optometrists to catch vision conditions early on.

How often should I have an eye exam?

Most adults should have an eye exam at least every 24 months. We recommend people 60 and older have exams more frequently -- around once per year. Those experiencing eye problems should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

What happens at an exam?

There's no reason to feel anxious about an eye exam. A standard exam is a painless procedure. During your exam, we will go over your medical history as it relates to your eyes, test your vision (near, far and peripheral) and check the overall health of your eyes by looking for signs of glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration. We can also determine if you need prescription glasses.

How often should children have their vision tested?

It's important to take your child's eye health seriously. Newborns typically have their eyes checked by their pediatrician, and similar screening occurs during routine follow-up visits. A more comprehensive eye examination should be scheduled when your child is around three years of age and again around age five. Children who require glasses or who have an eye condition should be screened every 12 months.

My eyes seem fine. Do I really need an examination?

Yes! While your eyes may seem fine now, only a thorough exam can tell if trouble is brewing. Some eye disorders, like glaucoma, may present few - if any - symptoms. Patients who wait too long may develop permanent, irreversible vision loss. Routine eye exams are the best defense against problems that may seriously harm your vision in the future. It's also recommended that patients with medical issues such as diabetes or hypertension undergo frequent exams, as such diseases can have adverse, unpredictable effects on vision.

Eye exams for patients looking for an optometrist in Elkton or optometrist in Newark

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