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Dry Eye Treatment - What You Need To Know

Dry Eye Treatment - What You Need To Know

Eye health is a concern that impacts many lives, particularly among women. A woman is more likely to develop health concerns like dry eyes or glaucoma when compared to men at a similar age. A part of the problem stems from hormonal changes, particularly during pregnancy, as well as medications that women use like birth control pills. When a woman experiences dry eyes, she must understand the treatment options as well as the possible side effects associated with treatments!

Using Medications

In cases of mild or moderate dry eyes, women generally use medications that help. Over-the-counter artificial tears assist with mild concerns, but prescription medications also help with specific concerns, like inflammation or stimulating natural tears. 

The downside associated with medication is the potential side effects. Always discuss any possible side effects with a doctor before using a prescription and inform a doctor about other medications to prevent harmful interactions.

Alternate Treatments

Alternate treatments refer to surgical solutions, alternative medicines and the use of specialized contact lenses. Surgical solutions focus on the underlying cause of the problem, such as closing the tear ducts to prevent the loss of tears or unblocking oil glands. Specialized contact lenses also help by preventing the loss of tears throughout the day. Always discuss options and risks with an eye doctor before opting for any surgical procedure.

Visiting Our Eye Doctor in Del Mar

The cause of dry eyes depends on the specific woman and her situation, but the treatments recognize that the loss of tears or inadequate production of tears result in dry eyes. As a general rule, women should visit an eye doctor every six months to check for early signs of dry eye or other eye health concerns. Pregnant women should also discuss any changes to their vision with an eye doctor due to the changing hormones that impact their eyes.

Dry eyes cause discomfort and contribute to more serious eye health concerns. By visiting an eye doctor, you have the ability to catch problems early. For more details about dry eye treatments, contact us today.