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Healthier Vision For Life FAQ™

About Healthier Vision For Life™

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Eye Insurance Plans

Eye Insurance Can Enable Better Eye Care and TreatmentsQ. Is there a cost to enroll in the HVFL Membership Discount Plan?

A. No

Q. Is there a monthly fee for membership?

A. No

Q. What is the purpose of the HVFL Membership Discount Plan (HVFL)?

A. Now more than ever our patients are realizing greater out-of-pocket expenses associated with their health care. Higher monthly premiums, larger deductibles, and higher co-pays quite often are the norm. The HVFL Membership Discount Plan is designed to help ease our patient’s financial burden.

Q. Can individuals join HVFL?

A. Yes. That is one of the reasons we felt there was a need for HVFL. Most vision plans offer benefits only through large employer groups. Individuals and small businesses can’t offer traditional vision plans due to their group size. Now they can with HVFL.

Q. Can employer groups join HVFL?

A. Yes. If you are a small business, our representative will schedule a time to meet with the person that handles employee benefits at your place of business. During the meeting, our HVFL representative will explain the program, its benefits, how your employees can join, and if you would like, schedule on-site vision screenings and wellness education seminars.

Q. Can HVFL replace my Vision Plan?

A. In many cases, yes. It all depends on your individual health insurance plan and your needs. When you speak to our HVFL representative they can help you assess the situation.

Q. If I have a Vision Plan, what is the benefit of joining HVFL?

A. If you want to keep your Vision Plan, the HVFL Membership Discount plan can offer you added value at no additional cost. For example your vision plan allows you an annual eye examination and glasses or contact lenses. Therefore, you can use your vision plan for the examination and contact lens benefit. You can then use your HVFL discount on your purchase of eyeglasses.

Q. What if I don’t wear contact lenses, can I use my HVFL Membership Discount plan to help cover the costs associated with my out of pocket expenses not covered by my Vision Plan?

A. The HVFL Membership Discount plan can be used to purchase additional items not covered by your vision plan. You cannot combine the HVFL Membership discount plan on the same purchase.

Q. Can I use the HVFL in conjunction with my health insurance wellness examination?

A. Absolutely. This is one way HVFL can help our patients financially. Most Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans offer an annual wellness vision examination. This examination typically has no co-pay and is not applied to the patient’s deductible. Using the HVFL in conjunction with a health insurance wellness benefit is similar to purchasing vision insurance.

Q. If I purchase vision insurance, my eyeglasses and/or contact lenses are free. Are they free with HVFL?

A. Individuals participating with a vision plan offered at their work typically pay a monthly premium. In many cases we are finding that the monthly premium is more or less equal to the financial benefit they receive to apply to their purchase of glasses or contact lenses. With HVFL there is no monthly fee. When you consider the discount you receive on eyeglasses and/or contact lenses, your “out of pocket” expense for the premium products we sell is comparable to the vision plans we accept.

Q. Are there any benefits offered by HVFL that my vision plan does not?

A. Yes. HVFL is not just about eyes. It is about you. The HVFL Membership Discount Plan offers a complete array of discounts and benefits at our practice like:

· Eye and Skin Care Wellness Education

· On-Site Group Vison Screenings for Employers

· Complementary Refractive Vison Evaluations

· Complementary Skin Care Evaluations

· Discounts on Prescription Eyeglasses

· Two year Eyeglasses Breakage Replacement Warranty

· Discounts on Contact Lenses

· Discounts on Implantable Contact Lenses

· Discounts on Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

· Discounts on Cosmetic Skin Procedures

· Discounts on Cosmetic Skin Care Products

· Extended Low Interest Financing (with approved credit)