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Eyelid Surgery FAQ

Blepharoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Our eye doctor regularly performs blepharoplasty, which can reduce the appearance of sagging and puffy eyelids. We have years of experience with this and similar procedures which have helped hundreds of our patients over the years. If you have questions about blepharoplasty or any of our other eye surgery or eye care options read our FAQ below or call us today on (302) 993-0722.

Eyelid Surgery FAQ

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery. As individuals age, the eyelids can begin to droop and fill with fat, which can make you appear older and tired. It can also reduce your peripheral vision, especially at the far edges and tops of your visual range.

What are some of the reasons an individual would choose eyelid surgery?

Many individuals choose blepharoplasty to reduce the appearance of bags under their eyes, to eliminate droopy and tired looking eyelids, and to restore peripheral vision that has been impaired by severely sagging eyelid skin.

Will eyelid surgery fix my peripheral vision?

Eyelid surgery only fixes peripheral vision that is blocked by droopy eyelids. There are many other causes of peripheral vision loss, including glaucoma, occlusions, a detached retina or a compression of the optic nerve. If you are experiencing peripheral vision loss, it is important to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor for a thorough examination and diagnosis.

How long does the surgery take, and is it performed on an outpatient basis?

Eyelid surgeries are generally performed on an outpatient basis. Since local anesthetic is used, we do ask that you bring an alternative driver with you or have someone drop you off and pick you up. The surgery typically takes two hours or less, but can take longer.

How long will I need to recover?

Since the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, you will be allowed to go home and recover as soon as the local anesthetic has worn off, and it has been determined that it is safe for you to return home. Recovery times vary. In general, your stitches, if not self-dissolving, will be removed after 10 days, and most patients are fully recovered after one month. However, recovery can take longer.

What side-effects will I experience after the surgery?

After your surgery, our eye doctor will provide you with paperwork on activities to avoid and signs of serious complications. Most people experience swelling, bruising and redness at the incision sites. You may also have some light sensitivity, double vision and watery eyes. Keeping the head elevated and using cool compresses can reduce swelling and bruising. In addition, we may prescribe eye drops or creams to help with discomfort.

Is the procedure covered by health insurance?

Eyelid surgery is not typically covered under medical or vision insurance policies. However, in rare instances where the procedure is deemed medically necessary, it may be covered. For more information on the types of insurance we accept and suggestions on how to pay for the surgery, please contact our office.

How do I schedule an appointment for blepharoplasty?

To schedule an appointment to see if blepharoplasty would help you, please call our office to schedule an appointment. You can reach our Elkton office at 410-392-6133. If you live closer to our Newark office, dial 302-993-0722